Zagraniczne kursy językowe

Our teachers: enthusiastic, well- educated and experienced graduates of studies applicable for the job.


Director of Studies: supports teachers with the curriculum, selection of appropriate teaching materials and applying adequate teaching methods.


Wide offer: Whether you would like to learn a new foreign language, or are looking for professionals who provide text translation or conference interpretation services, contact us. We promise to come up to your expectations.


Guaranteed quality: In the last 10 years 100% our students passed FCE exam. We are proud to have a portfolio of satisfied clients in the field of legal translation and conference interpretation services.


Location: Gdańsk Wrzeszcz, Gdańsk Osowa, or a location of your choice-we will come to where it is convenient for you.

TEXT cooperates with prestigious foreign schools, in which our students have the opportunity to improve their language skills in the natural environment. Students can attend a course during holiday or any other season.

Our schools are accredited by the British Council and meet the highest international requirements pertaining to education and accommodation.

We provide varied types of courses, from those more economical ones conducted in bigger groups with accommodation in a hosting family, to those of more exclusive kind, business English courses for instance, which are run in small groups and provide a high level of accommodation of the finest standards.


Jesteśmy specjalistami w dziedzinie języków obcych!

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