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Our translators: our team are translators of most popular languages who provide services of sworn and general translation as well as interpretation services.


Translation services prices: check our price list available on this site or contact our office ( for specific quotation.


Wide offer: Whether you would like to learn a new foreign language, or are looking for professionals who provide text translation or conference interpretation services, contact us. We promise to come up to your expectations.


Guaranteed quality: In the last 10 years 100% our students passed FCE exam. We are proud to have a portfolio of satisfied clients in the field of legal translation and conference interpretation services.


Location: Gdańsk Wrzeszcz, Gdańsk Osowa, or a location of your choice-we will come to where it is convenient for you.

We specialise in translation. Our translation team consists of the best sworn translators having the required licence the Ministry of Justice. We collaborate with the translators specialising in following fields:

  • Sworn translator of English
  • Sworn translator of German
  • Sworn translator of French, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Sworn translator of Russian, Ukrainian, Latvian
  • Sworn translator of Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish,
  • Sworn translator of Italian,
  • Sworn translator of Dutch.

Our translators specialise in medical, law, technical and economic translations.

We offer you standard, sworn, technical translations as well as consecutive, simultaneous, whispered and a-vista interpretations.



  • Experienced translators of 20 modern languages
  • High standards – we carefully adjust all the translations
  • The direct contact with translators provides attractive prices
  • Convenient customer service

Text is a collaboration of sworn translators of over 20 languages specialising in many fields. We offer translation, certification of documents by sworn translators, and proofreading. We are reliable, accurate and professional.


Jesteśmy specjalistami w dziedzinie języków obcych!

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